Welcome to another Epic Round.

The most important thing about us, is you. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the dedication and enthusiasm of the local disc golf community. We are thankful to have you as part of our family.

Epic Rounds was started at the end of 2022 as an idea in the cavernous void that is our founder’s head. Tony Briceño, The Founder, had started playing disc golf regularly just a short 9-ish months before he got the idea of starting a retail store for disc golfers in Statesville, North Carolina. Tony never expected to turn into a disc golf nut, but here he is, throwing disc and now selling them. He enjoyed spending time with friends on the course so much, that he started to become competitive with his friends. This in turn created a need for more disc to play different lines on the course. Driving 30 minutes or an hour to play a new course was no concern, but driving that far to look at disc seemed excessive. It also made him feel guilty as he tries to be as environmentally conscious as possible. This is also a big reason why he didn’t turn to online retailers. Not being a long time player, he needed to hold the disc before buying it. He felt others must be thinking the same thing. Thus . . . Epic Rounds was born.

Currently, Epic Rounds is a one-man-show featuring Tony. But, that doesn’t mean he is all alone. None of this would be possible without the help of friends and family. There are more than a few sets of hands that have already put in work to bring Epic Rounds to the public. Most notably, his daughter Natalie. If you stop by the store more than once, you will most likely encounter her inherited sarcasm or a typical teenager eye-roll.


Epic Rounds are had by the community, thus Epic Rounds are for the community. We are a community focused business that operates on the philosophy of “thinking globally, acting locally” on a daily basis. We work to bring disc golf to everyone and have disc golf improve the community.

Our goal is to allow everyone to play disc golf no matter who they are. Disc Golf is one of the few sports that the vast majority of the population can play. We will help bring disc golf to as many people in out community as possible and tear down the barriers to entry. The on-going efforts of Epic Rounds to complete this vision can be summed up by these three statements: